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Introducing our  exciting line of

Massage Oil & Play Wax Candles!
We now carry a complete line of 100% Soy Wax, low-melt-point, handcrafted scented Massage Oil and Play Candles which make any personal encounter more exciting and intoxicating! All LeatherTyke Products are handcrafted in small batches to insure the highest quality. You can choose if you want leather scent or one of our many other scents.


Custom-scented, Handcrafted
Sensual, Artistic or Sadistic Wax Play Candles!
Soaps and Body Wash, Moisturizing Lotions
Air/Room & Fabric Refreshers...and more!

Air Fresheners and More!
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Wax Play Candles
This candle wax will harden and cool when dripped, drizzles or poured on skin. These skin-safe candles allow you to drip wax onto your partner's body for incredibly erotic stimulation and exciting sensations!

Massage Oil Candles
Choose your scent from Black Leather Jacket, Vanilla, Black Amber Musk, Fresh cut Roses or no scent.

UV Fluorescent Candles
Fun, sensual, sensation play for beginners and artists! Like neon body paints, these wax play candles can be mixed and matched to create a masterpiece!

Flavored Massage Candles
The only way we could think of to improve our already amazing 100% Soy Massage Oil Candles was to add flavors! 

Bar Soaps
Yin Yang Soap
Celtic Design & Guest Soaps
Awareness Ribbon Soaps

Moisturizing Hand & Body
Hand & Body w/Aloe Vera

Body Wash & Spray
Body Wash Shower Gel
Body Wash Gel w/Aloe Vera
Body Spritz 'n Spray

Air & Room Fresheners
Air & Room Fresheners

Now every room in your home can have that fresh leather store scent!

If you've ever walked in to a leather shop and just couldn't get enough of that sweet sexy smell of leather then you will LOVE
our entire new line of leather-scented products for body, bath and home in a variety of convenient sizes!

Handcrafted in small batches to insure the highest quality.
 Exclusively for leather lover's.
All with the sexy scent of a black leather jacket!

Use our Air & Room Freshener, Smelly Jelly Jar or Reed Diffusers
to create a lasting scent in any room.

Use our unique Fabric Refresher to perk up any
drapes, linens, towels, clothing and fabrics with the gentle scent of leather!

Take our lotions and body wash gel with you
when you travel or for use after a workout at the gym.

If you love leather...we have a product for you!

FREE Shipping on orders over $30. All other orders flat $5 shipping.